Are you where you want to be in your life?

If not, what is stopping you

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Not at, I'm my biggest enemy

yeah, I'm in America, dude!!

Not at

Pretty much. I really want my new band, The Kreeps, to be a bigger sensation, we are huge in my area, but I want us to become huge all over the US and Japan.

No-long story.

I think yes ..Im somewhere I dont want to be somehow and my obligations and my family stopping me from moving !

No, an accident my husband had has set us back emotionally & financially

for the most part i am but what is better than that is that i am truly happy with the person i am

No. I'm always resetting the goal once I reach the old one.

I thought so but I am not sure anymore. I am a SAHM. I feel useless at times. Lonely and bored but I dont want to put my kids in daycare or have them become latchkey kids when they get home from school so I dont do anything about it. + I dont know what I would do anyway. :(

absolutely not. im at the other end of the rainbow. whats stopping me is my lazy self. i feel like its to late and you make your own bed lie in it.

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