Bad taste during early pregnancy??

Hey I was wondering if this may be a sign of pregnancy.. it seems like everything I try to eat here lately doesn't satisfy my taste everything seems bitter and I end up eating everything but can never find anything to suit my taste... anyone else go thru this??

yes it can be a sign of pregnancy. you tastes change and so does your smell. i just found out i am pregnant and i cooked dinner the other night it smelt great but when i sat down to eat it i couldn't because i thought it tasted gross!!!!

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This happens because of the hormonal changes in our bodies when we are carrying the little one. It is not unusual. You may also react to smells, textures, sounds differently from before. Just remember. This too will pass and good luck.

I never heard that one.

Yes & No, everything I ate tasted bad, no I had to make myself eat.

Hi. Yeah you are right actually. When pregnant i always experienced this weird taste in my mouth the taste been "metallic", yeah sounds a bit mad but no matter what i ate this taste would always be lingering so it could be a sign. congratulations if you are!!!!!

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