Calculating Mortar Mix for Smaller Portions?

I have a 60 pound bag of mortar mix and I know it takes 1 us gallon of water for the add to the bag. My question is, if I want to only mix a partial bag of the mix for a trial purpose, how do I calculate this?

divide by 1/2 for 1/2 the amount = 1/2 gallon of water and so on

Best Answer

If you are working with bricks then use spec mix from a store like Home Depot or another store that carries what you need. you can just add enough water so that your mix is right, so that it isn't too wet or too dry.

A normal mortar mix consist of 1bag mortar 28shovels of beach sand and give a take 5 gal water,
BUT if your using premix then just measure the amount of mix you want to test with and add water a little at a time to the texture your looking for,do you want dry, damp or moist,depends on the amount of water you add.
I hope this helps

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