Can anyone Help ?

My Computer has got to viruses can anyone help me figure out how to get rid of them the one is W32/Threat-HLLSI-based!maximus the other is W32/backdoor.qcu any help would be appreciated !!!!

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what you can do is locate the files a delete them in safe mode, or you can reformat and reload. and never DL stuff and open it with out a virus scan first, also the chat room software lets people put virus on your computer.

good luck

call a service man

Run a virus program. You should have one anyway. Avast is a good one, but you can go to and run a fast scan now! If you can't remove it with that, download the free trial or avast's free trial at

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 6.0

lets get that out of ur pc ur some antivirus will miss key keylogger and trojans . frist of all you need to download avg antispyware this is verry good in getting all kinda bad files . then you need to download Adaware
a-squared< is verry good in picking up traking software files that is on the pc and it will find them . then download antispyware blocker that will find any type of virus . trojans files with antispyware blocker when you run that at the top of the box ur see
remove the word windows and just leave in


then hit scan it will search all of the pc every file for virus or trojans and this will not have any problem with ur antivirus you have i have this my self .

then download spyware doctor that will search the pc for even more spyware adaware . just having 1 or 2 antispyware dont cut any ice at all you neeed what i said to download . when you have them run ur pc in safemode and scan the pc with then 1 at a time . this way from safemode the trojan and keylogger cant hide them self coz there is not internet access on in safe mode all the software i said to download will get the trojans and keylogger

if they say some are in the registry you watch what path there in and get in the registry and right hit on that folder and hit remove dont worry when the pc restart up win xp will creat a new clean folder for you

You can try downloading something from

You need to get a virus cleaning software. I don't know where to get this software, but just try a good computer store. Virus protection will not help because you already have the virus. I know someone else said to have someone fixed it, but that would very expencive and why would you pay someone to fix your computer when you can do it yourself for a lot less money. One more sujestion, you might want to install some anti virus software when you get this fixed. Good luck

You need to create a HJT log and allow a trained expect assist you in removing the malware. addaware by lavasoft , hijackthis will open your registry and both do backups.Allare freeware.

Try switching to verizon security center they've got the latest diagnostics and repair.

There's a good list of free virus removal tools here, also has some good info on how to avoid stuff like this.

Just go to house call at trend micro's sight as the administrator:

It'll remove all virus and spyware on your computer.

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