Can people really use spirits to make positive things happen?

Can people really use spirits to make positive things happen?

no i dont belive in that kind of stuff and please dont you belive in that kind of stuff

I use spirits to get drunk. Is that positive?

Absolutely yes. But asking any spirit to help is asking for trouble in the long run, because they will require something of you later. The one you need to ask to help is Jesus Christ. He loves you and wants good things for you, as a parent to a child. Sometimes He won't give you what you think you want because it will be bad for you, like not giving a kid whiskey even though they think they want it. He loves you, and will make sure you get what is good and right.

Yes you can everyday ask for the white light of the holy spirits to surround you and pray for only good things also wear a crystal around your neck sleep only on your back.that helps the spirits come to you in your sleep.always keep closet doors closed bad spirits will try to get in. light white candles and ask for the help of the holy spirits you can concentrate on the candle only if your serious and they will answer you sideway flicker is no and a up ward light means yes it will almost rise

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I would leave that stuff alone.

I had a friend a long time ago who I believe had evil spirits following her. She used to tell me that she saw things. I didn't believe her until one day she came to visit me. She, myself and my younger sister were sitting at my kitchen table talking when she started screamimg and pointing towards my pantry.

Something was standing there looking at us! I will never foget it! It's face and hands were jet black and it had on what looked like a white robe. Scared the daylights out of me!!

I REBUKE that kind of stuff. Good or bad, leave that stuff alone. You don't know what you could be inviting into your life.

I dont think so.

Best bet is to pray for good things. But be sure not to demand.
Let the spirits keep distance untill they decide to warn you. Which they will most likely do onece or twice in your lifetime. And allow you to avoid death.

No casper the ghost. Most likely a subtle voice in your head much like your own thoughts. Except what the saving one will tell you will be somethig you didnt percieve.

Crazzzzy Sh*t

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