Did anyone have a missed miscarriage after taking the antibiotic metraniodazole?

I recently had a miscarriage after having four healthy boys. i went for a scan at 18 weeks and there was no heartbeat, the baby had died at 16weeks since then i have found out that i was prescribed an antibiotic for an ear infection when 6weeks pregnant that is not supposed to be used in the first trimester of pregnancy. as one of the tests on mice and rats showed several in uterine deaths of pregnant subjects. although no link was found. feeling upset obviously and need some answers

I had a vaginal infection during my last pregnancy and took metronidazole also to treat it..I wasnt able to take it during the first trimester and ended up taking it during my 16th week. If u took the medicine before your first trimester was over that could have possible had something to do with it,it is unsafe for the baby to be taken during the most crucial time development..it could have also been out of your hands..I wouldnt beat yourself up for it,these things happen with little to no control.I would ask the doctor to confirm the reason if there is one..Sorry about your loss...

I took the same medicine i just finished my first trimester and just had a check up and everything with the baby is okay. my doctor prescribed it to me knowing i was pregnant and i researched it on the internet. google it.

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This test was only when the usedd the metronidazol gel that is inserted into the vagina during a vaginal bacterial infection. that's why women who are pregnant and get bacterial vaginosis are prescribed the pill and not the insertable gel. i have ascript at home right now and read the whole thing. I have actually even took the gell when i didn not even know i was preggers and my baby is fine

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