do u think snape is good or bad(harry potter)?

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i think he might be a good one. guessing that probably it's under dumbledore's plan for snape to kill him.

it's quite an enigma really.

we shall all know when the last book's released. =)



Good actor but he is BAD to Griffindor.

I think he is going to end up being good, although I can't see how anyone would ever trust him again. Too many shady dealings. To gain Dumbledore's respect is a big thing though, because Dumbledore is (was) no fool.

i think he's good trying to look bad

Given the unbreakable oath he took in The Half-Blood Prince, and how it seemed that Dumbeldore was actually begging for death, I'm certain there is more than what meets the eye. Can't wait until July 2007 to find out. For now I'm betting Snape isn't as "evil" as he seemed.

he is innocent

I think that Snape is and always has been bad. I think he joined the Death Eaters because he wanted more power and he shared their beliefs about purity of blood. He was smart enough to realize Voldemort is a sociopath that is willing to torture/kill his allies as well as his enemies, so he protected himself by being valuable to him as a double agent with Dumbledore. He now wants to be free of Voldemort, but he knows he'll be killed if he tries to quit like Karkaroff did. Having overheard some of the prophesy, he knows that Harry is the only one with the power to "vanquish" Voldemort, so he has been helping him even though he hates him. I don't think that he wants to become the new Dark Lord, just wants his freedom. He resented being a used as a pawn between Voldemort and Dumbledore, and probably hated both of them.

Snape wasn't forced to make the Unbreakable Vow (which is Dark magic) and could've said that it was against the Dark Lord's wishes to even discuss the plan, nevermind interfere with it. And I don't think that Dumbledore was begging for death or life, but for Snape not to return to Voldemort's side, since he mistakenly believed that he was loyal to him and the Order. Dumbledore wasn't a fool, but he *did* make mistakes, which by his own admission are huger than an ordinary person's (Quirrell, Lockhart, and Barty Crouch Jr./Moody come to mind). Plus, he wanted to believe that Snape was genuinely sorry for what he'd done, and he is famous for giving people chances especially when other people wouldn't. There are lots of examples of this: Lupin, Filch, Hagrid, Mrs. Figg, etc.

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