Do you know Printers who specializes in Giclee process for Fine Art prints?

Could anyone recommend printing houses that specialize in using the GICLEE process for fine art prints? Please respond from firsthand knowledge and not a search. If you don't know, perhaps you might know a truly reputable source whereI could ask this queston. Thanks.

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I personally own a fine art printmaking business that specializes in "true giclee" reproductions. Our company name is Fidelis Printmaking, please visit our website for more details at

We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and we regularly do projects for international artists and photographers.

Feel free to give me a call at 604-872-0088 if you have any specific questions.

Alan Somerville

I've dealt with a couple of em, so far...trouble is, it's best to work locally, at least from the standpoint of getting everything it's just not that cut and dry. (seek a house that will work with you on proofing, as the costs for such can go sky high). Not knowing where you are logistically, I cannot help you with specifics.
You'll need a way of transferring the piece to digital media (photography, flat bed scanner, drum scanner) not all houses do this. I encourage you to get aquainted with the tools necessary to tweak anything you don't like in the digital form. This too, costs money when it's done on the outside (we're talking dust, or whatever other goobers you happen to notice with the piece).
I found the house I use through another might try looking in the artists magazines for sources...but how good they are is another matter.
What about talking to a gallery, maybe they could throw a coupla names your way.


I am a pastel painter, and I haven't had any giclee prints made yet, but I some artists who have from local sources. I get the bi-monthly 'Pastel Journal' and there are several giclee printers that advertise in that magazine regularly. You might want to check out the wetcanvas artist community website for recommendation from members there, because probably many of them have had giclee prints made. Hope this helps.

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