Does anybody know anything about small meteorites and whether they have properties like crystals?

The ones you pick up in fields!

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there maybe some crystals in meteorites.. but mostly they contain metals.. some metals are even rare here on earth..

Most of them are pretty much amorphous blobs without a crystaline structure.

According to this book they have.

If i remember right they mention 4 or 5 different ones other than moldavite.

Most meteorites tend to be nickel or iron but there's no reason they couldn't be of any other material provided they were able to survive burning up into nothing as they enter our atmosphere.

There's a crystal called moldavite that they think is extraterrestrial as the only place in the world it is found is at the site of a great meteorite impact (about 15,000,000 years ago)in the Czech Republic. It's a transparent deep green crystal. There's enough of it around that you'll be able to purchase some but it's expensive and you need to be wary as the Chinese, once they got the chemical structure of it, started producing it synthetically.

none. they are simple rocks