Does anyone know if the video for the Bouncing Souls' song "True Believers" is available on DVD?

I have the live concert film, "Bouncing Souls: Live at the Glasshouse", on DVD which includes the song "True Believers" but I saw an actual music video for the song online once. I want to know if there are any music video compilations on DVD that include this? Or does anyone know if the Bouncing Souls earlier DVD "Do You Remember?" includes it? Help?

Best Answer

The earlier DVD doesn't have it, and i;ve never seen it on a compilation

i dont think so but if you download the video onto your computer, then you can burn it to a DVD. if you dont know how:

1. go to iTunes or yahoo or limewire or napster
2. download the video
3. save to a folder with only that video in it
4. go to that folder
5. put blank DVD into bottom cd slot thingy
6. click "burn items to CD"
7. wait until it says it is done
8. take it out
9. test it

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