does google block out illegal sites?

i was wondering if google blocks illegal illagal porn.if not how can i filter it or something?

I don't believe google does

You can set up parental controls on your system if you are interested in blocking certain sites

What is illegal porn? Like pedophelia? I don't think that porn is illegal, but HAVING it pretty much the same thing.
It does, I had a web site and submitted it to google and they do a search of it.
But if you type the address exactly into the search bar, I think they illegal one will come up.
Um..just don't click on it 'accidentally'. :)

No, but mommy might come in and catch you.

Best Answer

It is up to you if you want to filter illegal sites.
Next time you go to Google, you will see 'preferences' just to the right of the search box.
There are 3 options to filter porn sites. It is up to you to select your preference.
Regards, Zyfert

Google doesn't block illegal sites. However, it is unlikely if you accidentally visited an illegal site that the government would arrest you. If you have loads of illegal pictures on your computer, they have to have a search warrant to look at your computer first. If they raid the site, they'll probably only go after frequent users of the site.

There really isn't any good way to filter it. The Internet filters are known for blocking legitimate sites (one time, a candidate for Congress, who was pro-filtering, had his site filtered and switched to being anti-filtering) while allowing porn sites (its impossible for them to find every porn site; there are literally millions of sites on the Internet).

It blocks some of the illegal sites

no but if you have safe search on then yes

We can set in google search preferences

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