Emulating Alfred Stiegletz?

So i have a photography presentation due tomorrow involving, the emulation of Alfred Stiegletz. Can some one explain to me in the least amount of words, what type of photographs he took and what kind I can take in order for it to look like I took some inspiration from him?!!!

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Read about him here and it should help you.
he was married to Georgia O Keefe. In going to her gallery/museum in Santa Fe I remember his photos to be B&W of course and were darker then usual I felt and of city scapes.
Better get going you have a lot to do..

His work was among the first artistic photographs ever taken. He was the reason photography became a recognized form of art.

Stieglitz, an American photographer, probably did more than any other individual to promote photography as an art at the same level as other arts, and has been dubbed the "patron saint of straight photography."Stieglitz did much to promote photography, and to get it talked about.
There were two stages in his life: at first he produced somewhat romanticised pictures of an Impressionistic style, then later moving over to realism of a high order.
He also had pronounced views about the current controversy over amateur photographers and the professional.
Not the easiest of people to get on with, his leadership was little short of dictatorial and he was an insufferable egocentric windbag, but he made a distinct and influential contribution to the development of new styles of photography. He was a visionary of the highest order. His own photography alone makes him stand out as one of the greatest of photographers; his influence over photography has been enormous.

If you want to emulate one of his various styles your best bet is to look at his series entitled "equivalents" in which he equated psychological conditions to that of photos of clouds he had taken. The fact was in his later life he was confined to his apartment, and as such only had the ability to hang out his window and take photos of the clouds or the cityscape. The key to taking pictures like Alfred is not so much to make your photos look like him, but to at least not be amateurish in your approach to taking photos, and to be cerebral with your methodology.

You could look for books, those are good references. Any ways
I love the photos and movies he made of his wife The great american painter; Georgia O'keefe. He was really good using light and shadows. His photos of Georgia are magical,In those images he captures her inside mood, her feelings and deep emotions. You see those photos and you can feel the love they were made with. Stieglitz was a wonderful artist, exceptional photographer and art promotor. He had an art gallery in New York. He was the first that expose Picasso in NY. He made exhibitions of the european surrealist artist.

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