Fake Chest?

Is there any polite way to ask a woman if her chest is real...(I'm talking about a stranger or a co-worker, not a friend or something)

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If you want your jaw to stay intact and functioning its best not to ask!!!

No, honestly there isnt any good way to ask such a question..unless shes a good friend..your likely to get slapped if you ask it!

Why would that be any of your concern anyway?

The same way that you would like them to ask you if that bulge in your pants is real.


If she's near thirty and they're perky, they're fake.
Or, it's a really good bra.
Those things go south at thirty.....

if she's a stranger then I would say it's just none of your business. What difference could if possible make anyway?

Well if it was an approiate situation, you could ask them what their opinion of plastic surgery is. There is a chance they could respond by telling that they had a breast implant surgery.

no if u do she will kick ur ***

Unfortunately, no, there is no polite way to ask that question to someone you're not close to or familiar with. However, you might want to ask yourself what is the reason you really want to know?

would like someone to ask you about your privates
i can see you now blushing
leave well alone and find something else to occupy your self with

No, because that isn't a question you should ask anyone unless you are extremely close to them.. and might not be a good idea, even then!

Makes me want to ask some random guy if he has a penile implant! --**joke**

you can tell if it's warm outside and her nipples are hard.lol

No, don't ask. Its none of your buisness.

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