Finish this statement: If i was allowed one super power it would be.......?

I would chose mind reading because i am soooo nosey and paranoi about what people think.

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Oh, I don't know; maybe this...
The power to undo everything God does.

Why?... Just to pis everyone off.

Flying, I just always wanted this super power!, I can fly in Italy, and ...... Hey think about it, it's really great power!

Clothes ray vision.

I want to fly as my super power

Throwing up on command would be could get you out of any situation.

stop time...I wouldn't have to say goodbye to none of my loved ones, and I wouldn't have to fear the unknown...

Time and molecule control... God like

1. moving objects with my mind
2. taking shape of anything

the ability to pause time, imma procrastinator- and + id get away w/ alot of stuff i wouldnt usually get awy w/

I would rather be Batman or V for Vendetta.

No silly super powers, but they don't need them.

They are extremely intelligent, deadly fighters, with KEWL gadgets, nice costumes, and lots of money.

What's not to like?

I would Chose Invisibility That Way I can go where i want and know one will know I'm there plus i can listen to what people say about me

To fly, to soar in the feel the wind rushing past my ears.. to be free of the Earth an Eagle...arms stretched out on swoop people out of harms help the world be a better place...

bacon vision i guess. i don't know what it is but i wanted the chance to get 2 points and the possibility of getting 10 for a best answer.

I would chose to be able to read and control minds... i wouldnt take over the world, just make mine and others' better

to see the future n fix the past..

the power to have every power in the world

1 to fly but i cant stop at just 1

telekenisis. That has got to be damned useful. Just think of all the applications, disarm people easiliy...fling them around, get that glass when you are lazy, move things around, pick up cars and drop them in the way of a car chase to stop the bad guy and to top it all off, comeing up with sex positions that could otherwise never be concevied!

Able to fly.

to scale buildings with a web.

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