funny facebook status :)?

Im looking for something to put as my status on Facebook....something random and funny and CLEAN!!! nothing gross....anyone got anything??

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You could make up a word like you are ungradwaer bekadswer. Or you can put that you are a sandwich or some other food or object. Have fun!

here's some I got from
-Bed, Bed and Beyond

-Playing a computer game that takes up my whole screen

-That way

-Droppin' it like it's hot


-On Facebook checking your status

-Taking a dump

-Not studying

-Wondering why you're reading this during finals time

-Out like a light bulb

-Pondering the meaning of life

-Flogging the dolphin

-In the Matrix

-Shakin that Laffy Taffy

Most fun things will probably be song lyrics, like _____ is bringing sexy back.

My favorite funny is to say... " putting up the Christmas tree." Hehehe.

I always put quotes to new songs that everybody has been singing lately.

Currently, mine is:

Emily is underwater basket weaving...

although I also love

________ is looking at you through your window.....

________ is looking for Big Foot

_________ is basically the next best thing since sliced bread

_________ is robbing a jewelry store.

_________ is currently lowering her GPA by abusing facebook.

_________ is stalking you.

_________ is with Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds

so that is usually some i use.

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