Have you ever been refused entry to somewhere???

not because you were underage.....some other reasons....?

yeh my girl friends bum


Well, when i was 23, the movie theater wouldn't let me in to see The Exorcist because I didn't have my ID. I was so angry at the teenager behind the counter, that she just let me go in.

no, not that I can think off.

A plane, hard rock cafe, Daytona beach.


no I don't believe so, that would totally suck though.

the airforce and the army

Yes, all the time actually, especially when I am doing public training with an assistance dog I am training. When I do assistance dog training I am usually refused access about 3 times a week. Which is technically against the law to refuse entry to a person with an assistance dog, but the laws in our state are very relaxed on this issue.

Aggieville by Kansas State University. The rich kids dont like soldiers going in thier clubs and getting on thier women so basically they would card anyone at the door of at least a couple of clubs who's hair was within regulation military grooming standards and card us for our student ID. When we didnt have student ID they would want to make up some lame fee to get in like $20.


Yes. Tried to sit in box seats at a Detroit Tigers baseball game this summer without tickets to them. Tried to sit in a suite at Michigan Int. Speedway this summer, thought they were going to arrest us !

yeah.. private yacht club.

my best friend and I were denied entrance into a club because he thought we were hookers...and he thought my fiance was our pimp ..... it was one funny Halloween Night!!!!

yes i heard all the other women there were lesbian and i didn't want to get called a Lesbo

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lol...yes, i was refused to enter an elevator way back in the philippines in National Museum, funny thing was i did argue with the pple who are about to take the ride, so this very polite man just askd them to let me in...and guess what ...who is that man was...its a senator...Sen. Honasan...that was a blast, i nearly melted....
thanks for the best answer (survey)

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