HELP! I deleted an email can i get it back?

I deleted an email over 9 months ago.....Is there ANY way that it can be found on my hard drive and read EVER again?Or has just simply been over written on the hard drive never to be seen again.Also my computer crashed back in feburary,but i restored it....and i have aol email.But still is there any way that i can find and read this email again??Or is simply gone? HELP

Best Answer

Look in your trash folder. If it is not still in there, you cannot get it back.

as far as i know you cannot find deleted emails on your hard drive.

look in ur deleted email file

Sorry it is lost


no unless your like a computer geek hacker. and there is no deleted email file tht guy just wants a best answer

It is possible that it might still be on your computer but your internet settings should have deleted it by now.

If it has been that long ago - and the computer has been restored - chances are pretty good that the email is gone forever.

click 'trash' or something

I'm afraid it's gone. The space it was stored in on your hard drive has been re-written over in the 9 months since then.

ur computer never loses the info put on it. its just hard to find, and sometimes not recoverable. try bringing it to someone whom can recover it. try getting the email from the person u sent it to if they have it

Look in your "trash" or "deleted" files in your e-mail.

its probually gone

If you deleted it 9 months ago its gone forever. If it had been minutes ago you could just go back on your browser to when it was there. Once and email is deleted from the server, its gone. Sorry.

No, you can't can't get it back if you're using AOL. AOL mail only saves the most recently deleted e-mails. If you want to keep/save certain e-mails, you have to click on Options and then click on Save On AOL or On PC.


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