help with clips PLEASE!!?

I want to make a video with clips from shows, interviews, etc., but I don't know how to do that. where do I get clips? how do I put them in my computer? thanx.

Best Answer

It helps with computer questions to add in a bit more information, like what operating system, if you have some software in mind to use, etc., as there is so much technology out there, narrowing it down gets you better results.

If you use a Mac, you probably have software to do it.

If you use a PC, ask again for best easy PC video creation. I have a PC, but I use Adobe Premier, which would be pricey for just one use, you could use something like PowerPoint, if you don't need it to play on a TV DVD Player. There are low cost video creation things for Windows, you might even try a trial version, just make sure you can save files.

To get the content, you can get it from any number of sources across the internet, you need to have permission to use it if is copyrighted, but for just personal use, you are generally free to copy stuff from sites that allow their content to be copied (right click and save file as...), most of this will be lower quality than stuff you pay for. There are sites that sell both video clips and video clip CDs look for stock movie clips in any search engine to find these. Then once you get them you can stitch them together with the software above. Good luck with your project.

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