hide comments and friends?

does any1 know how to hide your friends and your comments on myspace?

Best Answer

Why. Are you cheating? Yes. i bet you are.


go here.. copy and paste the code where it says to... cheater.

go here


click on the parts you want to hide!

go to http://www.myspace.com/ and click web
type in codes for hiding friends and commentson myspace

Go to Google and search for "Myspace code" (include the quotes, by the way - it makes it search for the phrase). Then, look for a site that has code for that purpose.

put that at the end of your "who i'd like to meet section"

it worked for me
hope it helps

Here you go:


You may need to copy and paste these links to your browser. For some reason, the page doesn't load properly when you just click them.

Friends Space

Part 1: Place the following code in your "About Me" section.


Place this code in your "About Me" section.


Hide Friends Section

Place the following code at the end of your "About Me" section.

Hide Comments

Place this code in your "About Me" Section.



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