How am I related to her?

My uncle's wife's sister's daughter. In other words my aunt-in-law's niece. Am I related to her in any way? Need to know because she is hot hot hot! But if she is related then shes just ok. lol.

Best Answer

you are not related so go for it.

not related in any way.

nope... your not... so go for it....

if shes that hot, it may be worth the risk. i say go for it.'re not....'blood related'....but think about it...if you just want to hook up with her....and leave'll always have to face the fact....there might actually also be hard feelings towards you...from that side of the'll have to see this person for the rest of your ready before you get yourself into something...!

in some what
so don't go there

hey you know what they say, incest is the best

Go for it my friend, it`s ok.......

No, but your "aunt-in-law" might feel awkward around you two together.

as soon as you threw in the words 'in-law', that concluded you were not related by blood. So yeah - give her a call! :)

no, there seems to be no connection...if your ucle has kids then that ties the kids to the niece, because they would be cousins...i think..sheesh... i am confused...maybe date someone way outside of anything that might be family..that would be your best bet!

she becomes your distant cousin.but don't worry there are other hot fish in the pond.

no u are not related to her... only related via blood ties... no...connection ties ...yep...but if u do take it a step further just think about your uncle if things don't work out how ur relationship with him will be cos of ur aunts neice.

You're good to go. Unless your uncle is related to his wife, which is a whole nother ball of wax, you have no blood relation to this girl.

In my family, we call random other members of the general family group our cousins if we're around the same age, whether we're actually blood relatives or not. Just makes things easier.

That might be awkward in this case so I'd suggest you not assign a name to the relationship. If pressed, you could say she's you uncle's sister-in-law's daughter which makes it very clear that there is no blood relation. :)

No, you are not related in any way. She is your uncle's niece, but no blood relation. So You're good to go!!

No,not related.

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