How can I animate my picture?

I want to know how can I sort of cartoonize a real picture. If anyone ever saw the movie A Scanner Darkly, then you know what I mean. If not, I was surfing the web and I saw these really cool pictures that someone cartoonized from real pictures. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to do so. Thanks.

I suggest dress in character and take a photo and post it with your details.

You need GIF creater softwaers like GIF animator

download this first

then see the guides here

or u can create slideshow of ur picture to animate them by downloading slideshow software like this

I'm afraid there is no "magic wand" software that will do this for you at the click of a button. There are functions within graphics editing programs such as Photoshop that will certainly help you achieve your goals, but to do this requires a certain amount of know-how, skill, and patience.

Also, you seem to be confused between animation and a cartoon effect. If the pictures were animated they would be moving - this is an even hard effect to achieve, and requires even more software, skill, and patience.

Best Answer

Corel PhotoPaint

This is another way to cartoonize a picture wich can be aplyed on people to.

Step 1:

Open you image. This is what needs to be used:

Step 2:

Duplicate it 3 times And you will have object 1, object 2, and object 3.

Step 3:

Hide object 2 and object 3.

Select object 1 and from effects>3d effects>emboss amboss the it with the following properties:

Go to effects>countour> find edges and aply the effect with the following properties:

The image will look like this:

Step 4:

Show object 2.

For this object select the merge mode "Hard Light":

The result:

Step 5:

Show object 3

For this object select the merge mode to "Color":

Step 6:

You can reduce the transparency. I reduce it to 50% for object 3 and 90% for object 2 and 90% for object 1.

Here is my final result:

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