How can I sell my breast milk?

How can I sell my breast milk?

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NO, you can donate it if you have too much, but you can't sell it. Nobody legitimate will pay for it. The procedure to sterilize and store the milk so that it can be sold is so costly that these companies can't even afford to buy the milk from mothers. They only accept donations.

anything can be sold on ebay.

I think you can donate it but that's about it.

eBay actually doesn't allow the sale of breast milk through their site. Look up a company called Mother's Milk Bank to find out about getting certified as drug and alcohol free and they can help you from there.

Why do u want to sell your milk?? You're not an animal!!! How about donating your milk or just feeding it to your baby :):)

Why sell it, there are a lot of women unable to breast feed, but couldn't afford to buy it either. Most are getting formula from WIC. Freeze it and contact your local La Leche League and they will give you the baggies needed to freeze it in and then will give it to needy women and children. My mother-in-law did it for about 3 years after she stopped feeding her youngest daughter. I guess if you want you could sell it, but I think you should just donate it to do something good.

By selling your breast milk you leave the door open to be sued. I am not saying at all that there is anything at all wrong with you or your breast milk - but people are sue happy and even if their baby gets a cold (or something alot more serious) they can try to blame it on you. Please remember all medicines you take (even over the counter) gets passed in your milk. If a baby has a medical problem and can not take something that you took, and something happens to the baby - again they can try to sue you.

If you really want to help people that can not breast feed - you are better off donating your milk. They screen and run test on all the milk, so nothing could ever come back to you if a baby does get sick.

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