how can you fix a damaged relationship??

We've been dating for 3 months now and we love each other, but lately we just cant make things work.

I am sorry to tell you this....but 3 months is nothing...if it isn't working now...move is too short.

Thats sucks for u. Why do plp think that dating one person is like your bonded to that one person alone. There are other plp that it will work with.

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Three months, it seems short but something not right in your realtionship with him. dump him because you don't need waste your time for that. If you were with him for a year and something not right in relationship, of course you guys can work it out because you guys know what it is like between you and him. But three months, you guys don't really know as much. So now move on and be friends with him again. Who knows later you guys will fall in love and can be forever.

yeah i ahve been dating my bf for 7 months and we have been fighting alot..lwe keep saying cant we go back to what we used to be like..its sucks and we love eacohter also...i dont know really but if its meant to be it will..we just have alot of stress which is our problem but the first thing to make it better is stop dwelling on the bad and stop dragging it on..think of the good and you have to believe it will work..good luck

If it's not working after only three months then I'd advise you to walk away.

The first six months are usually the honeymoon period in a relationship where you can do very little wrong in your partners eyes. If the cracks are already setting in this early, it's probably indicating that you're not meant to be together.

well, you didnt go into detail and say how the relationship was damaged. but maybe u two arent as compatible as you thot. i really dont know what else to say with out much detail.

Simply just talk about it and everything that is going on in both your lives.

Need to know what broke you up to know how to fix.
If it was another person there is a big chance it will not get back together. Other thing may be worked out.

its only you who knows how much damage is already incurred to your relation.i will suggest you to analyse where the problem lies..guys usually dont like cribbing or being reminded off. Each day is a new day, treat it as a new day...
hope you make it...try your best.

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