How can you unblock myspace at your school?

I am at a school and want to log on to myspace how do you unblock it?

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Bring your own dial-up modem, and access the internet using that. You'll bypass the school's security settings that way.

ask the teacher

It is illegal to bypass any school computer, any attempts will result in you getting expelled or suspended from school. And don;t think for a second that you wont get caught because you can, the system is setup to track what each and every computer is doing, starting with being able to read any e-mail that is opened and any sites that are viewed.

It is the same type of stuff that most business use to see what their employees are doing. So leave myspace for home.

Maybe you should pay attention at school instead. You about waiting the 6 hours your at school and log on when you get home. 6 hours that all the time you have to be away. Can't make it? Come it's not that long

You can try to use any of the following websites, but most likely they're gonna be blocked. They use anonymous proxies, so the school might block anonymous proxies.

I'm not so sure about the last one, but I'd say you should try them all. Remember, use one website until they block it. Then go to the next one.

This questions appears every you people not know how to search???

i will actually answer the question for you becuase everyone else hasn't.

into your address bar and follow the directions. it is a simply proxy site that should not be blocked by your school's firewall

You would have to ask your school to change content filtering policy. It would start with your teacher, then principal and filter back down the IS department.

Education communication infrastructure is taxpayer funded and the funding law requires we restrict access to sites that are not educationally related. Myspace is one site most schools block for a variety of reasons.

to address the censorship whiners, It's not about censorship, it's about who pays for the bandwidth..

It is a distraction for educators, administrators and parents from the learning process.

Also, to answer JP's kproxy. attempt, our content filter blocks based on attempts to reach restricted sites. Even if the proxy "seems" to work once, it won't in a short period. Many content filters have become adaptive to meet the requirements of school districts to block proxy avoidance methods.

depends how evil or alert your IT technitions are.

or just hack your technitions, if they are alert to everything, like mine are - honesty to block anything atall with "proxy" or "myspace" or "anonymous" or "msn" in the url is a bit excessive...

Accessing unauthorized web sites with web proxies is a violation of school computer usage policy. You can get suspended and/or banned from using school computers. Use school computers for school work and myspace will be there when you get home. Do you really want your teachers and school administrators knowing what you are posting on myspace anyway?

here is good

You can use proxies. Here is a list.

All are login enabled. still works for me at school

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