How Do I get corrected an inacccurate address location on mapquest and google maps & GPS devices?

When you type my address into google maps or mapquest it gives the wrong location. This is namely due to the fact that the street I live on was built 5 years ago. It is an extentsion of an existing street and it shows up on the aerial photos if you change to that view. Is there anyway to contact the vendors who provide this info. to Google, MapQuest and other GPS devices. If people use what is there, they wind up on the wrong side of a busy street and it is one of those "you can't get there from here" situations, w/o doing a lot of turns. Many thanks.

I'm interested in the answers you get because my address is listed incorrectly, too. I have e-mailed Mapquest several times (over a period of years) and not gotten a response. Any help here?

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There are two companies who provide the majority of the street data to the GPS companies and companies providing mapping services like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, and MapQuest. Those two companies are Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ. Both of those companies have online tools where you can report errors found in their databases.

Typically the GPS device or the mapping service will have a copyright tag somewhere that will indicate which mapping service they got their data from. For example Garmin, Magellan, and the Google Maps website use NAVTEQ data primarily. TomTom, Mio, and the Google Maps API use Tele Atlas data.

You can read a comparison of the two companies here:

For Tele Atlas corrections you can report them via their MapInsight program here:

For NAVTEQ corrections you can report them via their MapReporter program here:

In both cases those companies go through lots of work to evaluate the validity of changes before they are implemented. Also it can take a long time for the downstream provider (Google Maps, etc) to *implement* changes they receive from the vendors, even if the vendor accepts the change quickly. In other words if you submit a correction today, don't expect to see that change reflected tomorrow... or next week... in some cases it can take a year or more to validate a change, distribute the new information, and have the downstream provider implement that change.

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