How do I make a professional drawing looking a little something like this?

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I am not sure exactly what your asking....this is a pencil drawing.... if you want to achieve the tones in the picture you could try a 6b pencil ( a personal favorite ) has a soft lead..and you can get a real dark to light effect with it and a soft look.........

One thing when working with pencil and pastels,chalk..try to keep the paper clean..when working on an area and you have to lay your hand over another area you have done..take a sheet of paper and place over the area so that you won't get any smudge effect going........

well..u dun necessarily nid 2 follow it..

u can sketch it..

look at d picture wif a piece of paper n try to follow it..

if u want 2 draw cums from d inside..inspririation..


I'm not sure what you mean by professional drawing. Just replicate it using pencil.
If you are really into it, I would contact the artist and request a copy of it and then take it and have it matted and framed. If the artist doesn't have a copy, just an original, you can always ask permission (you may have to agree or sign a release saying that it will not be sold) in order to have it printed.
Good luck! :)

Try using graphite sticks instead of pencil. Or charcoal sticks.

phot shop

hard work, but its not that good it needs more balance

How little like that do you want it to be Its poorly done. Very amateur. If you want a professional drawing, get a professional draftsman to produce it.

yeah...this is an amateur might want to check out some professional pieces to mimic....go to barnes and noble and look at some of the drawing and art magazines...they will inspire you and might even give you "how to's" in there.

That is not professional at all.

The most important in a drawing is your line. Don't close it, leave it open at some places. And be "minimalist" in that area.
Also, look at some real artist's drawings : the example you show is not by far the best that can be done.
Good luck, practise and practise!
P.S. 1. There is line and line. For example, I have a friend who draws comics. Well, he is UNABLE to do any artistic drawing.
P.S. 2. Draw as you feel, draw what you see not what you THINK you see, etc. this are some advices I can give you (I'm a painter)

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