How do you create a lead capture page by yourself?

Is there a way for me to create a lead capture page without buying lead capture page creators or software? What are the tools I need ? Thanks in advance

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I would suggest that you find yourself a "lead capture page" that you really like. Right-click and 'view source', and save as html.

Then go to this page:

and utilize it to create your own capture page fashioning it from the one you saved only use your own information. All the concepts are similar in lead capture pages, just use your own information and a bit of imagination.


But yo.u have to have a draw and incentive for people to come to your site

get a site that supports any cgi, asp, php and set up a form.

CGI is easy since most hosts give you complete instuctions on how to modify the widly used "Formmail" script ( You make the changes and load it up into a cgi-bin directory.

Then you just create a form with any web app like dreamweaver (you must have some friends that have dreamweaver) and where it asks for the action you just put in the path to the script on your host. Upload the form.

When you get someone to your site they fill out the form and you get a nice detailed, formatted email with the form inputs.

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