How do you get the words gone on Google??!!?

you know on Google if you type in the word duck and then you come back later and type in a word that startes with a D a whole list of D words come down!! How do you get it so that thing does not come down? I think that thing is so annoying!!

Best Answer

You have to turn off AUTO COMPLETE:

-On your Browser click on TOOLS
-Click on the CONTENT tab

Your done! Hope this helps. Good luck.

before you do this be sure you don't want it in the address bar anymore because it stops it there to.


◙ If you have Yahoo Toolbar click on the edit button to disable the AutoComplete function.

◙ Internet Explorer

1. From Internet Explorer, choose "Tools" then "Internet Options".
2. From the "Internet Options" multi-tabbed dialog box that appears, select the "Content" tab.
3. Click the "AutoComplete" button.
4. Uncheck everything.
5. Click the "Clear Forms" button.
6. Click the "Clear Passwords" button.
7. Press "OK" to close the dialog boxes.

◙ Mozilla Firefox

1. Open the Firefox browser.
2. From the Firefox menu, select 'Tools'
3. Select 'Options'
4. Click 'Privacy'
5. Click 'Saved Forms'
6. Click 'Settings'
7. Select all options in the 'Clear Private Data' window
8. Click OK
9. Click 'Clear Saved Form Data Now'
10. Uncheck 'Save information I enter in forms and the Search Bar'
11. Click OK

◙ Here is a lot more information on clearing search history.


◙ NOTE: AutoComplete may not stay off completely because some webmasters have autocomplete="on" in the form tag in their web forms. If you come to one of these and you can't get the AutoComplete to leave you alone while you type something in to the form. Simply paste the text in from a wordprocessor or notepad and it won't bother you.

You can just use the down arrow key to highlight the entry and hit delete as long as you don't actually select it. Or you can clear the whole list, Tools, Internet Otions, Content, Auto Complete.

are you sure the letter you are trying to delete is not P ?
the answer is as follows
1.Get a 30$ high gauss neodyimum magnet
2.Stick it on your harddrive
3.Format said harddrive
4.Reinstall windows

voilla, your words will be gone.

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