How in C programming,we can assign a float value to a char value?

like if i calculated the any value ,whose result is ,say,17.346 then how can i display it in a function outtextxy() ???

Best Answer

Can't be done - there aren't enough bits in a char for a float, a float (usually) takes 32 bits. If your variable is an int you can do it with a cast, but that is extremely discouraged.

Actually, what you mean is not char but char *, address of an asciz string.

What you need to do is use something like sprintf() to make a character string of the value, and then use that.

You can't do a float to a char but you can to a string.

char buf[80];
float fred=2.345;

sprintf(buf, "%f", fred);

buf now = "2.345"

use "" where x = size and n is no of decimal points for instance

sprintf(buf, "£.2f", fred);

will produce a monitory output.

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