How long after your license is expired do you have to re-take the entire test?

So I thought my license didn't expire until next year, but appearently I was wrong, and its been expired since February of 2006. I'm assuming that after a certain amount of time has passed I have to re-take the entire driving exam - Does anyone know for certain if I will have to take the test over, or do I just pay to have it re-newed? I am also living in a different state than where my original license was issued. Appreciate any help, thanks!

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You have to retake it right after your license expires, i went in the day after mine expired and had to retake it. That's when i had them send the next one through the mail. =P

The day after your license expires you have to retake the whole test. There isn't a certain time period. You will have to take the test over and pay for it. Also if you are living in a different state you would have to get that state license to get your license.

Once your license is expired then you can reapply at any time unless you went to court. If this was the case the courts decide when you can reapply. In any case one a license expires you must take the entire written and driving test.

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