I am terribly shy?

I can't look steadily at his eyes while talking to me and he keeps concentrating on me. He knows am a shy girl as he keeps telling me "I like your shyness" but what I hate is about my confusion and blushing? As when he asked me to a "Slow dance" I could not ever! it was like I am so much confused .. He likes me much and I like him too but still I cant get rid of my shyness? Any advice?

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Perhaps its nervousness as you seem to like the guy. The only way to "get rid of it" is to jump in. Force yourself to look into his eyes for a few seconds. But don't be so self concious about it, it only makes it worse. Just try to take a few breathes and be yourself.

Aw!!! He sounds like a sweet guy just be yourself and try to have fun forget about being silly or weird!!! Oh yeah and if he doesnt care neither should you be happy!! :)

either take an acting class or develop or imagine yourself being this confident, charismatic woman. you need to let him know you like him to because you might risk losing him. i know its painful to be shy, i am to, but slowly i push myself to talk to more people. i pretend or imagine myself like i'm talking to my brother or anyone else i feel comfortable talking to. hang out more by yourselves. introduce him to things you like to do. or hang out with you friends and have him tag along. take it day by day. make it a point to initiate a conversation with him. good luck.

Well it sounds like he already likes you*
And so you know...some stress should be gone.
Shyness....ARgh* I'm shy-ish too...so I can tell you i have an idea of how it feels* The retarded blushing and shaking and stuttering.
But see for me...I just force myself to talk...you just have too and then when you become comfortable you'll talk on your own.Just think about what you say before you say it :) Keep your head high and be CONFIDENT* list the good things about you in your head, smile and stand up straight>>>acting confident will give the illusion that you really ar to other people---people prey on the weak...don't look weak they won't mess with you. Show your sense of humor and just be yourself.*

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