I have a slow dsl connection even though it appears to be running fine?

please help is there a configeration trick

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There is a possibility that your RWIN setting is too high. Go to this website http://www.dslreports.com/ and click on Tools, then on Tweak Test and follow the screen prompts and see if your setup for DSL is normal or nominal. RWIN is one of a few tweaks that can be adjusted for your setup. Good luck.

Make sure you have all the filters installed on your phone lines. If you can, get a DSL POTS splitter and install it where the phone line comes into the house, and just before it, install a new line that goes ONLY to your DSL modem. A lot of times older houses or houses far away from the DSL station have trouble getting a good signal because of all the wire it has to go through. Just up your signal and your bandwith will increase. (Up to the max you pay for)

Do a google search for "speedtest" and look for the link to speakeasy speed tests, you can try different links to see if it is slow when connecting to different parts of the US. You can also compare these to what is supposed to be your speed from your provider. I would run adaware and the spyware checker from grisoft to make sure you do not have any spyware slowing down things. Finally if you are technical enough, if you get into the setup of your dsl router, a screen should tell you what speed you are connected at with the actual telco. For instance, I have 6mbps available in my area, but due to my crappy phone lines, cannot get higher that 1.9 mbps.

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