i have never had this kind of trouble before...?

but now, whenever i try to focus on my schoolwork, i start thinking about something totally random, and then when i get back on track, I have no idea what the teacher is talking about. the same with homework. i get off track and then i forget what i am trying to do. I'm normally a good student and i still get good grades, but i have trouble focusing all of the sudden. does anybody have any idea what i can do to get my mind set on what i should be focusing on?

Let me tell you something that helps me when I can't focus on something. First I try to relax my mind then get to work. A few things I do to help me relax are:
1. yoga exercises
2. Bubble bath
3. Write in my journal
4. Read Quran (because I am Muslim)

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Are you in love? Are you facing stress at home? Or maybe a portion of your mind is blatantly bored with the subjects you study. Age is a factor I'm sure. Attention deficit maybe? I can relate..so I may have a good sense of the struggle you face. Find a way to make learning interesting...To make a boring instructor exciting..participate in class and try not to daydream..Best wishes

i have the same problem, the first thing i thought of when i read your question was: are u in love? sometimes that kind of stuff gets in the way.

try to totally focus on the teacher in school, and set goals for your self, good luck!


Why are you not focusing is, whats pulling you ?. Loss of interest ?, what do you think of ?, direction ?, your spirit is talking to you, and the reason can or maybe a change needed in direction. Ask yourself in quite time, what it is that needs other attention, and listen , it might take a day a week , but Patience is a virtue, the main thing is DON'T let it trouble you accept it with gratitude, and peace.


unresolved conflict?

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