If I got on my knees...?

and begged you to buy me that Ferari, would you? Please (on my knees)? :)

Best Answer

Oh damn you've got some very expensive taste. You're way too rich for my blood. I'm not rich sweety. :-)

I like men

not a chance!

i would buy u anything u wanted.

I would say "get up hoe"

Open your mouth and you might have a few guys considering.



If you're on your knees....you shouldn't be able to speak
Didn't your momma teach you to not talk with your mouth full?

No. Things don't drop into your laps

I'm poor. I would buy you a bicycle from the thrift store, though.

I wouldn't...but open wide..my brother probably would...considering you are willing to get on your knees for it..

no but I would definitely get on my knees and beg you for one right afterwards. ;)


Nope. There are three stages to deciding if you should/can buy a car;

1) Can I afford to buy it?

2) Can I afford the insurance?

3) If something catastrophic goes wrong, can I afford to fix it?

Ferrari's are in the 0 for 3 category.

Only if you blew me away!!! Then, of course, because I am such a gentleman, I'd reciprocate! (LOL) (;o)

Sure! And the moon is made of Swiss cheese, and Blacks love Don Imus, and there's water in Hell, and George W. Bush is a Democrat, and Hillary loves Monica! Sure! No problem! I think the ten thousand dollar bills on my money tree are JUST getting ripe enough!

if you did something else while on your knees.....

You'd get alot further with me if you told me I had to buy you one. :)

No, cause that would drain the money before I got my Maserati, and cause I don't give in to beggers. :)

The Red one in the black box, with the working headlights? Sure I would buy that for you. (Even if for no other reason than avoiding the embarrassement of a woman on her knees begging to me in the Walmart toy department)

not enough cash..

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