InterRacial Dating? Homework Help?

I am helping a friend with homework and its on interracial dating, Primarily african americans and white americans.... What are some of the stereotypes you can think of??? What do you think of when you see a interracial couple? Do you think interracial dating is acceptable...? Why? Please and Thank You in advance.

it's very acceptable.

My all-time favorite girlfriend was black (I'm white).

I know of no stereotypes
Nothing, unless they are unusually ugly or strange looking as with anyone else.
I think it is acceptable to date anyone you choose, as long as it is not someones husband or wife. I disagree with cheating.
Because people are people and God put all of us here to live together. If he wanted all one race he would have created just one. God bless

I do not think it is acceptable. When I see an interracial couple I think that neither of them has any self respect or respect for preserving their culture.

Edited to add:

Glo said- If he wanted all one race he would have created just one.

I agree. If he wanted 1 race there would only be 1. By race mixing you are destroying unique races and going against Gods original plan.

I'm in an interacial relationship right now ( and so are alot of my girlfriends) and I believe that one of the stereotypes is that a Black man with a white woman usually means he is a sell out and wants some freebies and a black woman with a white man is seen as a whore. I've friends pulled over by the cops and ID'ed cause they thought he was soliciting a prostitute or something.... All I can say is that as long as the stares do not bother the couples then they are fine. In canada, Interacial dating is not a biggie. :)

if both are born in america it is hardly interratial they are bother american. but the home back ground may be different, that is where problems may show up after marraige different expectations from Marraige partners. I am in the uk and do not think about it much if I see people of different skin colour holding hands it is nice. Mind you I have done it myself so what else could I say niether of my Love relationships worked out and I did think both were Love.
on the other hand I do still think some dark skined men see it as a + to have a white female in toe yet they hate to see black women with white men this is as much racist as the other wasy around.

Interracial couples are people with their own emotions that bring them together regardless of what others might think.They could very well be with one of their own race if the emotions were different.Human emotions are powerful.While in Viet Nam some thirty years ago I could not stand this southern white man in my unit.Typical southern male.Same man carried my broken body to an aid-station.Today i still think of him.

I dont think of anything. I am really for interaccial dating. All of the guys i liked are alawys of a different race that my own, (im black, mostly) I espiaclly like european guys and hispanics, and some asians, but yep its natural to like something different from yourself. I coulnt date a black guy because they would remind me of my brothers, and that would be weird. Also most of the black guys i know are into the whole hip hop thing, and thats not my style so...yeah, interaccial dating is cool...

As for white/black interacail dating, i have no problem with it. I know this may sound hypocritical, but i just can see any of my brothers with a white woman. Any other race but white. Im not racist, believe me, i like my white boys too, but i just cant see my bros with a white girl. Anyone else i could care less. Maybe i favor the asain and latina girls, but i think they are gorgeous and hope my brothers end up with a girl from one of those races. But if not, its ok, as long as their happy, im happy.

I have always dated outside my race. I don't see anything wrong with it. Me and my boyfriend live together. We live in the south and yes we have alot of people that don't agree with it. we get alot of stares, but in my opinion it shouldn't matter what color someone is, as long as the love is there. it is noone else's business about the next persons family.

No I do not think it is acceptable and I don't date white girls that have dated blacks in the past--I disagree with their past decisions and don't wish to expose myself to a health hazard.

The reason is that there are differences between the races. Its not merely skin color but if you look closely there are behavioral differences as well. Blacks have inherent criminality to a much higher degree than whites, and also have much higher rates of STDs than any other race. Also their IQ is the lowest of any race.

Any white girl who ignores these inherent genetic differences and doesn't take into account the eroding of her genetic legacy by engaging in micegenation is lost. Same goes for any white guy, fortunately most white guys aren't attracted to black females at all so its not as bad of a problem.

Best Answer

Where I live in the South, I see a lot more black men with white women than anything else. I'm not prejudice, but it sometimes upsets me. I have heard black men say they prefer white women, because they are not bitchy like black women are and are just better in general. I've even heard black men tell me that they think white women are cleaner in certain areas like below the waist. Sometimes I think black men see white women as a "trophy." It shows that they are higher up in society. The black men with these women are usually all the good brothers with money or careers. I don't have a problem with interracial dating, but sometimes the reason that some (not all) people date interracially makes me upset. As a black female, I'm offended that black men say these stereotypes about us. We are just as good as white women. I really don't have a problem with it. I'll date any race if I'm interested and they have a good heart. The first thing I think when I see a black man with a white women is "Why do you think she's better than me?"

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