is any1 sick of this riddle?

the one with angry and hungry and you have to find out the last word that ends with -gry??? the next time some1 asks the question i'm gonna rip out my hair!

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Ohhhh. That's what that riddle meant. I didn't get the answer when they said it was language, but now I get it.
I only hated that riddle because I didn't get the answer. I was thinking too hard, going through all the words I know to see if they end in "gry" and when language didn't meet my expectations I just couldn't understand.

yes.....just sick!!!!!!!!!!!!

i dont get it

I've heard that riddle but never heard anyone tell the answer.

Is there an actual answer?


Additional Details:
Who gave me thumbs downs?! I've got a riddle for you: "What's the third finger on your hand?" Hold it up and look at it very closely.

yea i am kinda tired of that but tell u the truth i never knew the answer to that question

very sick

God knows wat the answer is!!!
Does neone know it>?

yes change it plz

I won't be bothered dear . .
just spit it out, the best . .

Yes girl i'm sick of that riddle.

i've never heard that one before.

i just dont get it.

yes. yes i am

I'm so tired with this... the third word that ends in -gry is the word 'gry'

Gry -

\Gry\, n. [Gr ? syllable, bit.] 1. A measure equal to one tenth of a line. [Obs.] --Locke.

2. Anything very small, or of little value. [R.]

The answer is strange but I know that literature books can't be wrong. The answer is "language".

wow. i never understood that question until just now. thanks!

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