Is aRt dead?

when will america become interesting again?

no because everybody seems to be interested in the ever-so trendy art of "photogrpahy" and music.

depends on the art that you are talking about

*gasp* art will never be dead. There's forms of art everywhere. The way people express themselves, instruments/singing, love/fears, the clothes people wear, drawing, painting, photography, pottery, sorry....*slightly guilty evil grin*

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art is not dead, it is now commercialized. Most of the time that you hear of artist, it graphics or photographers. While I agree that this is an art form, it isn't traditional like painting or drawing. The talent necessary for those is really extraordinary. Most people don't appreciate art anymore when you can head to the mall and buy Starry Night for 10 bucks. America will be interesting again when we teach our kids appreciation in school and they grow up understanding it a little. I would rather have a million appreciators than half a dozen experts anyday.

Art is not dead, not until the last artist is, and you'd have to wipe out the whole planet to pull that task off.
America is interesting. Maybe not to you, but to others. If you step outside and go for a little walk, or do something a little different then what you do in your everyday life then maybe you can see that too. It may not be the best place in the world, but it really is interesting.

Art is still alive. I made plans to learn painting in a few months time.

N o I t '''s a liVE

Open your eyes...

Art isn't dead, just art buyers. They need education - arts (visual, theatre, dance, music, etc) appreciation should be part of every school curriculum.

When art returns as a part of our culture (and not just a form of entertainment) artists will once again be invited to cocktail parties because they are recognized as having contributed to society, not just because they dress cool.

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