Is it poor schooling or are the masses just plain dumb?

the grammar, the syntax... Does anyone else get sick from reading yahoo answers?

Both. And, remember, we are both part of the masses.

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I agree! In my opinion (as a teacher) it is the schooling. The relative intelligence of people has not decreased, but something must explain the difference. Parenting clearly is not what it once was either.

Not really", although it helps to remember who your audience is. I do agree that a persons effectiveness is based on how well they can express themselves.

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Its both and Im a teacher as well as we have all been students not a pro but I am knowledgeable....

You don't catch reality that easy. There is a huge difference between what is taught at schools and what is spoken in the homes. The result is unorthodox grammar. It has little to do with intelligence.

ER, keep in mind that many of the yahoo users aren't necessary Native English or American speakers. Or are you that dumb that your world ends at the border of your village?

Yo it's Ling-o dude!!

Watch the movie Idiocracy,its all there.

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