Is there any way to upload a song from the computer to your myspace profile?

Please help. I want to upload a song from my computer to my myspace profile but i dont wanna make a new myspace music profile

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Project Play list has Some Songs On It that Stop Working or Don't Work At All When Creating A Play list. Also Sometimes I Couldn't Find the Song I Wanted! I used to Use It Until I Got Frustrated. So I Found Out How To Create My Own.

You Need A File Hosting Site. Upload Your Files to Your File Hosting Site. Then That Gives You the Song URL. When you click to play the song copy the address. (aka URL)
Then Find a Site To Make a Play List. I listed the site I use. Choose the MP3 Player You Want. Click Create. Scroll Down to Where you Enter the URL and Song Name. Copy and Paste the URL from the File Hosting Site into the First Box, the Box Next To It is For The Song Title. Click Add MP3's. If You Want More then 10, Follow the above steps. If You are Done Click "I'm Done". You get a page asking you to sign in, Join the Site (it's free). Then It Gives You The Code You Need For Myspace.
To See an Example of a Finished one I listed My Myspace URL.

You can NOT upload a song directly to your profile.

Create a free account here: Then search for your songs in the search, add them to your playlist and past the players HTML code in your profile.

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