Is there such a thing as a surgical operation which will prevent a man to have an erection?

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why do you want to prevent this?

there is a surgical operation to do just about everything these days.

actually i think what you want is some sort of hormone blocking pills.

Why you want detroy ones life. Pl. change your male partner.
Enjoy Life

Why not use a chastity belt instead? It is not that invasive? Are you into that sort of shi# ? Eew???

But whatever floats your boat!

PS- Find if there'ssomething like penisectomy?

Penectomies aren't legal in this country yet

why?you don't need to undergo surgery .you need to apply menthol oil mild only to prevent erection.

1. Cold Shower
2. Think of your Gran having sex
3. Castration

well, my first reaction is why would anyone even want to consider doing anything to not have erections. Erections are perfectly normal for a healthy man and although they occur in embarassing situations sometimes and fail to appear at times when they should, they are not anything that most men would want to get rid of completely.

But if one is really serious about never having another erection you could:
a) have the penis removed (quite radical but it would work)
b) have prostate or other invasive surgery which usually damages various blood vessels enough to preclude getting an erection
c) pack your penis in ice packs - hard to get hard when it is cold. A chilling experience and maybe more for comic relief than reality.
d) move to a desseet island with no internet, no porn, no other people and thus no incentive to get sexually stimulated and erect. Though unless you purify yoru mind first it may not work.
e) read up on penis and circulatory anatomy and you will see that there are 'valves' that cause a penis to engorge with blood and retain it until satisfaction is achieved or the need to be erect goes away. Havign these damaged by a surgeon would also work. If you can find a surgeon who would even think about doing it.

But you did not include any reason for wantign this done so it is hard to really judge the most effective way to get rid of your erections.

Yes. See a urologist about it.

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