Just Got Braces?

so ive had a lot of help with getting my braces and it didnt hurt at all! but now they told me i had to be on a liquid diet! how long does this last??? when will i get to eat real food again???

Best Answer

only for around a week a week and half until your teeth get used to the braces. they usually do hurt a few days after, you must be the lucky one lol.
so yeah after around a week you can eat normal food. just don't eat sticky foods because they break, but the orthadontist probs already told you the inns and outs.

Whoever told you you had to be on a liquid diet is crazy. You'd want to eat soft foods for the first couple of days while the adhesive is setting but not a liquid diet. There are a list of stuff that you can't eat (gum, corn on the cob, etc) because you could break the braces but you don't have to be on a liquid diet.

i have just had my braces taken off, and you dont need to listen to that rubbish you dont atall need to go on a liquid diet i just got told to cut back on sugar because they can leave yellow marks on your teeth. i know you said it doesnt hurt but you might find it hard to eat to start off with so just try soft foods and after a few days you will be able to get used to it and eat proper food again.

i had to do that to i should las about 4-5 day or so

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