Mergesort algoritm that sorts numbers in decreasing order?

What will be the mergesort algorithm that sorts numbers in decreasing order?

Same as the one that does in ascending order, just flip the comparison operator.

Best Answer

I'm giving u the program (in C), just go through it, then write the algo. It'll be easier.

// Program : MERGE SORT


void mergesort(int *,int);

void main()
int x[30],n,i;
printf("Enter total no. of elements");
printf("Enter %d nos.",n);
for(i=0;i scanf("%d",&x[i]);


printf("After sorting in descending order :\n");
printf(" %d",x[i]);


void mergesort(int x[],int n)
int aux[30],l1,l2,u1,u2,i,j,k,size;
size=1; // merges file of size 1
while(size {
l1=0; // initialize lower-bound of 1st. file
k=0; // k is index for auxilliary array
while(l1+size {
// initialize remaining parameters...
u2=(l2+size-1) for(i=l1,j=l2;i<=u1 && j<=u2;k++)

} /* end of 2nd. while-loop */
for(i=l1;k aux[k++]=x[i];
for(i=0;i x[i]=aux[i];

} /* end of 1st. while-loop */

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