My school blocked it!?

I work on my school computer (it's internet based school) and they just put a program so I can't download music go on myspace and on messengers. I really need those things back and I'm trying to find the program they installed and I want to deleate it any suggestions....were may I find this program please help!

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wait till you get home. Theer is no reason you should be using the school resources to download music. I wish all block this type of activity. Why not pay attention and learn. School is only 6 hours long.

The program is probably not on your computer. They can put it on a computer connected between you and the internet. The best way to get around it is to tunnel through a proxy, or through tor.

The best thing to do is wait until you grow up.

Accept that your school pwnd you

get. over. it. and wait until you get HOME.

The program won't bo on your computer, they would have to be stupid to do that, and they went to college. The program is on your server, so you are screwed. You can try different IP's to loophole the program, but I doubt that is gonna happen. Just wait til you get home to use that stuff.


◙ These people aren't as dumb as you think they are. They know that some people are clever enough to get around their site blockers. So they also use this wonderful tool to spy on EVERYTHING you do both online and offline


◙ You cannot get around that one no matter what you try. Spyware removal tools can't find it so they can't remove it. You can't turn it off or type in a code to get around it. You are simply stuck with it!

◙ It takes screen shots of everything you see online and offline, It records all keystrokes online and offline, and can also block sites as well. They can read a report about your activities online or have it emailed to them at anytime, and anywhere that they can get internet access! They can even read the report on a mobile device.

◙ Do your work now and play when you get home or you'll be sorry!


◙ Parents put the following application on your kids computer. They will never know it is there. It makes no recognizable files on the hard drive. This means that they can't find it, see it run, turn it off or type in a code to get around it. They are simply stuck with it.

◙ It blocks sites, takes screenshots of what they see and you can view reports of their activities online or have them emailed to you anytime anywhere. Spyware removal tools can't remove WebWatcher.


you can't delete it you are on a network and only the administrator can you will need a password

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