Myspace about me section?

okay so some people had an issue how i worded my last question, i am looking for some creative ways to write my myspace. i'm bored of it and want a change so if you can please rewrite it but change it up :) THIS IS WHAT IT SAYS RIGHT NOW: ♥♥♥ My mom Named Me Alissa On July 8th 1992 But i go by Lis, ya digg? Age Is Just A Number and mines seventeen. I am the kind of girl who is afraid of falling in love, but it's too late. Christopher Morse is my forever man I hope <3 I've got a lot of goals, but sometimes they don't work out as planned. Just like when I swore I'd never eat another piece of meat again, yep never had a chance. The smell of sharpies = My version of weed :) (hugs not drugs) I'm always one to randomly bust out dancing at the worst time/places! I sometimes imagine throwing things at people's heads when we're talking. HAHAHA I absolutely have to be covered up to fall asleep. I love the feeling of raindrops on bare skin. Birds are a species of creatures that absolutely FREAK ME OUT!!! I'm afraid of not having enough lifetime to accomplish everything that i want, but that won't stop me from enjoying what time i do have on this earth. Lastly, if you want to be a new addition to my contact list, text me, and I will reply to you, due to my text-addict-ness :] THANK YOU :) OH ALSO;; what are some good places to get myspace layouts?
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