Myspace what do yall think?

I dont know about yall i speak for myself but myspace is starting to get on my nerves it is taking over people lives and now instead of interacting face to face like normal humans we all sit here and chat over the internet all the time what do yall think??

i love myspace

I refuse to use the site. especially now that they just picked up 65 preditors and are prosecuting them

I talk to people more on MySpace because they are people I wouldn't normally see during the week. It's a good way to keep in touch!

i personally have never been interested in Myspace. But i agree with u and think that it iz like cigarettes and people get addicted to it. It is just another solution to get stuck in front of ur computer screen. IT IZ A WASTE OF TIME. all people do iz talk online and see pictures of people

I don't like to use myspace. It's a really dark site and it seems like everyone takes pictures of themselves half naked.

No wonder there's so many predators on there. What do people expect after taking pictures of themselves like that?

i like myspace... its fun sometimes but sucks when you dont get new comments or even better messages... haha call me a dork i dont care. yea youre right people now a days are totally connected to myspace all the time, i mean if you think of it, its kinda cool because sometimes you would have never met some fine girls, or some cool people through the net, im mean at least you can see eachothers profiles and pictures... unless they're lying behind the screens who knows?... but anyways i havent been on it for a while... i really need to check my friend requests i have a grip from all those skanksssss who have fake profiles haha... well you have a good weekend!

oh WOW 65 predators when there's millions of people using it. jeeze 65 out of that many is like saying 2 out of 69874549057..

oh and i LOVE myspace.
your just mad becuase
you have non social
life and can't get any
friends on myspace.

I had 1200 profile views on my last account and I quit - Myspace is NOT friendly these days.

I like it. It helps me keep in touch with friends and lets me know when my favorite bands are playing.

It's like the internet in general, it can be used for good or for bad. It's your choice.

i freekin love myspace !!!

Face to face meetings are the best, but Myspace does allow people to met other people from around the world. Which is a double sided sword. There are good and bad sides of myspace.

IMO, its a waste of time and causes more trouble then chatrooms ever have.

i think yer gay

My myspace profile is purely for marketing reasons.
But I just don't understand why you would want to be friend with someone who as pictures of themselves nealy naked...I just received a message a couple of days ago from someone i don't know but wanted to be added to my friends list, who said that her profile was deleted because some of her pictures were not allowed on yspace so she has re-done a new profile with a link saying "go here to see my naked pictures & videos"! wtf?!
There is not enough moderation on myspace and it is not surpring there is a lot of predators there...

I'll speak for myself too............I think I went on to "myspace" about two(2) times.....maybe three(3). I don't care for them myself. I have a niece that's addicted to that spiel, I have to almost fight to get some keyboard time.............thanks dude, I thought I was the only one that didn't care for that site.LATER

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Yeah, sometimes it can be really annoying. People have different opinions towards it. It all depends on howm YOU use it. I remember when I first made my account, I used to be on there for hours. Now I only get on to check on my friends and check my messages/comments/etc. Sometimes MySpace wastes a lot of my time. I love it, but I can survive w/out it.

it's my also depends on ur age...etc.

i like it. i have gotten in touch with some of my friends from like preschool because of it.
it is addicting though.

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