naughty magazines?

does it annoy anyone else that there are so many mens magazines with naked or nearly naked women in? it embarrases me that women do that. .......and why are they in magazines that aren't specific for stuff like that - why put them in bike mags or sports mags? why do guys like this stuff? why do women do it?

Women do it for the money, and guys look at them for the hard on if they can't afford the blue pill.

Because they are guys. Because they can.

money,money,money,money....MONEY, repeat several times, sad isn't it?

were guys... we like to look at naked woman... perferably.. we'd like to touch but our imagination does the rest as long as we have a head start...

woman do it because it pays well i guess and its easy....

I think you are up tight. It doesn't bother me and I like to see people dressing sexy. Shows they are comfortable with who they are.

women do it mainly for the money, but I also see it as an affirmation of their desirability.

I think most brutally honest men will tell you they like it because it makes them feel like they don't need the attractive women in real life that they could never see naked.

Guys are guys they like to look at beautiful women and they like it more when the beautiful women are naked, and sex sells you put a woman in front of a bike and that bike just got alot more buyable because guys think with there little heads. The women do it for fame, money, and to be seen. Most famous women have posted for some sort of sexy picture in their past its just what they do. It doesn't embarrass me I figure if you have it show it.

Guys like this stuff because it is human nature.
Man and Woman are drawn to each other just like animals.

This sexual attraction is used by business to attract men. It is that simple.

The same is true on the flip side for women. It is just that you haven't noticed.

Naz : no it's bad because things can not be trusted like trash in
gutter !

Best Answer

I think it is a disgrace to women. It's just like selling your body.........I think the women in the magazines do it for attention to get love. And they want love in all the wrong ways. It's the inside that counts!

its digusting

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