Overtime Pay in NC Daycare?

I work at a daycare in North Carolina. My boss claims she is not required to pay overtime, even though my checks are taxed like every other worker in the state. I always thought that anyone who works over 40 hr. per week gets "time and 1/2" for each hour worked after that. Can anyone help me?

You need to contact the labor board in your state.
Certain businesses are exempt from paying overtime. You need to check to see if daycares fall in that category. Call them first thing in the morning.

Best Answer

Go to the NC Department of Labor Website:


This is what it says on the page but you need to find out what type of businesses are exempt. Contact the DOL as soon as possible to see if you are due the overtime.

"Overtime is based on hours actually worked in a workweek and is generally paid for hours in excess of 40. Some exceptions and alternate methods of calculation are allowed. Written notification of promised wages, including changes, is required. "

Good luck!

Overtime is a federal law, and it would be surprising if you're not covered if you work as an employee. If you make a high salary (not very common in daycare) or are considered management and make over $455 per week, you might be exempt from the federal law.

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