Paid surveys...are they for real?

I get so many friend requests on myspace that are just people trying to get me signed up for online surverys. Can anyone tell me if these things are for real and can you make a lot of money? Also, if they are for real, why do you have to pay to become a "member"? Wouldn't there be somewhere you can sign up for free and take these surveys? Anyone who has tried or knows about them, I would appreciate your input.

Yes some survey are for real, but most of them are not.
I searched stuff up in and they gave a listing to some good ones.
I personally use and
Both pay cash and raffles for large cash rewards and they are legitimate.

My experience shows that these things are not real, especially the ones on myspace. I get those messages from people on myspace wanting me to take surveys all the time. It's better to be safe then sorry. Usually those surveys and samples and free things all are to good to be true. Just be careful who you give your information to.

They are not for real, you give them your money and they will run with it. There are emplyment agencies that do real ones though.

Treasure Trooper all the way.

Don't spend any money to make money!! You WILL get burned. There are many sites that I've tried, but I have found one that is worth sticking to!

Sign up here:

If you visit the forums, you'll see actual proof of people making thousands! Also, the community is very friendly and they will gladly give you tips on how to make more money. There are also fun treasure hunts on the forums for actual cash prizes. The most recent one giving $100 bucks for the find! There are a lot of dedicated people that you can learn from.

How you make money: cash offers, surveys, shopping, and referrals.

It's the best!

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Hello Anita
Yes you can earn with paid surveys and I also earn quite good money with paid surveys but never pay for joing paid surveys site or for list of paid surveys when you can get it free.

Best, legal and safe way to earn on internet is by joining paid survey sites. Paid survey sites pay you for your opinion on various topics.
Don’t pay for any survey program to join. There are many free to join paid survey like survey savvy they pay more then 5 $ per survey. Always check for on which site you are registering is BBB (Better Business Bureaus) certified.
Global Test Market
American Consumer Opinion
Survey Savvy
Greenfield Online Surveys
You can check the website for more free survey list, affiliate programs and contextual ad program, get paid for reading email & surfing the web and more earning recourses.

Best Answer

There are some real sites out there which pay for surveys. No, you can't make a lot of money off of them, in my experience. I'm signed up with more than 10 sites and usually am able to make about $20 a month taking surveys. Most of the surveys I take pay from $1-10. Those higher payed surveys some sites tout may exist (I was offered a $30 survey once, though I didn't qualify), but they are rare and I'm guessing they are only for people in a limited demographic (like business owners or something like that).

As for the site you have to pay to join, while I don't have any personal experience with those, Parents magazine had an article about these types of sites last year. It said these sites usually mainly sign you up for other legitimate paid survey sites which you can access free on your own elsewhere. They paid the writer to sign up with one of these sites and she found that the surveys she qualified to take barely paid for the cost of the membership. (I don't remember if she signed up for several sites, or just one...and I don't believe they named which one).

If someone asks you for money first in order for you to make money you are getting scammed. My advice to you is the best "free" stuff to get are samples from taking surveys. You won't get rich but I havent had to purchase cleaning products for a year now. The following site has plenty of free stuff. Stock up.

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