"Girlfriends" tv show -- help!?

So I normally see the 11pm Girlfriends... but now I'm catching the earlier show and Toni's not on it. What happened to her? Fill me in!!

i believe toni was pregnant in real life ive seen her in a commercial and she was pregnant

Actually, if you google that, there is an article that pertains to that. Jill Marie (Toni) decided on her own that she just didn't want to do the show anymore for personal reasons, that the producer still isn't 100% sure about. She left on her own unexpectedly, she wasn't kicked off, and I doubt that she is pregnant.

In the SUN it says that she wants to do bigger roles like she did Rudrum and A Perfect Christmas

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I see that everybody is posting answers about what happened to her in real life (reality) but from reading the question i'm guessing you want to know how the plot was set up(???). I don't know how far you've gotten watching girlfriends at 11 but basically Toni and Joan starting falling apart. In general, Joan felt that it has always been about Toni, Toni, Toni and wanted to focus more on herself. However, Toni took that the wrong way, she felt Joan was being selfish and she felt that she was in a point in her life when she needed Joan the most (the divorce and fighting over who gets legal custody of her child).
You shouldve seen the last episode of the season...it was soo good. Toni was expecting Joan to be at the court because of course she didn't want to loose her baby. However, Joan, trying to be more about herself, went to some "A list" party where she didn't even fit in. She got dead drunk and fell asleep on the lawn. Naturally...she overslept lol and when she went woke up she went to go start her car but she had dropped something (dont remember what) and like and idiot went to go pick it up and her car rolled downhill! She hitched a ride to court (looking hung over and a hot mess) but arrived waaay to late. When she got there Toni, Lynn and Mya where leaving she yelled Toni's name but they ignored her and didn't look back. That was the end of their friendship. Toni won custody and the begining of this season she moved to New York. She told everyone but Joan and so now she has all these emotional breakdowns because she wants her friend back....hope you can catch up!

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