saddam and the death penalty?

now that the sentence has been passed do you think he will actually be executed?

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i hope he gets a slow painful death

I believe he will be executed but that it will take some time before that happens. I believe he will exercise his right to appeal the sentence but that his efforts will fail and the sentence will be carried out.

most definetly, with as many people out there that want him dead, its only a matter of time

From what i hear,He's gonna be hung.Many people are saying that once he is hung there will be heII.

He will be sent to be judged by his maker sooner than he planed


Just like the person above me, I have also heard that he was going to be hung. I honestly hope he is hung. I think he should suffer a slow and painful death from what he caused to all of us.

Anyway, nobody actually gets executed right after they are sentenced. It takes a few years before it happens. But him being saddam and all, i'm sure he'll come sooner than the other people that are waiting to be executed.

yes very quickly before questions are asked on who supplied saddam with the poison gas to kill the kurds.

I don't think so it will be like opening of another Pandora box.I think it is more of an election stunt.

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